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Strategy is not a one size fits all proposition

People make the difference

‚ÄčIf you are simply looking for boiler plate items or turn-key processes to add to your already successful business, we have an array of options.  

From basic administrative forms and marketing presentations to white label web sites,  assessments, or even course curricula--we have it or can develop it to your specifications.

Visit  our  Stand-Alone Products  to learn more.

Our  Business Planning Services  have been effectively (and measurably) used by over fifty companies worldwide.  We combine the idea of ROI + Lean Operating Culture in order to maximize your investment in us.  

If you need to scale, draft a business plan, or learn how to make the most of your marketing dollars, our programs can be tailor-made to fit your specific needs.  

We also excel at  Project Management.   We can run your marketing department, develop your staff members, introduce specific industry best practices, or simply guide you as you find your own way forward.

Still, the prospect of spending money on a consultant can be intimidating if not off-putting.  We're happy to provide a business referral from our client list.   

Talent acquisition, particularly  Tutor Recruiting, has become something of a specialty.  At Kaplan, Kevin interviewed, hired, and oversaw development programs for thousands of tutors.  TPP has successfully developed lists of qualified tutors and test prep specialists in most major urban areas across the U.S.  Having said that, most companies are pretty specific about tutor qualifications.  If we don't have a candidate that meets your qualifications, we'll recruit  according to your needs.   

Our network of test prep & tutoring professionals extends to administrative staff and senior level personnel as well.   All of our recruiting is based upon a flat fee model and is generally far less expensive than what a company would need to spend to recruit on their own or through an employment firm.