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SAT Tutoring Curriculum
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SAT Student Workbook

ACT Curriculum

ACT Teacher Guide
ACT Course Syllabus

ACT Student Workbook

Admissions Counseling Implementation 
Admissions Counseling Program Manual
Admissions Counseling Syllabus

STEAM Complete Programs (Gr. 3-5 and 7-8)

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College Admissions Timeline Presentation I
College Admissions Presentation II
SAT or ACT?  Which Test is Best?
Understanding the Redesigned SAT
College Essay Development

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TPAPT at School Services

TPAPT at School services were designed to increase access to the same high quality test prep & tutoring tools and strategies used by premier tutoring and college planning firms in the US and Europe.  Our programs have been co-created through our membership and   include detailed support, instruction, and hands-on guidance.  

Our goal is to expand accessibility through  helping PTSA/PTO's, Charter Schools, Home-Schooling Parents, and Educational Non-Profits provide high quality programming. 

Pricing & specific program descriptions may be obtained through the "Request More Information" web-form.

Training & Development

SAT(r) Academic Training

ACT Academic Training

Tutor Certification-SAT(r),  ACT

Tutor Certification-Basic Test Prep Tutoring

Tutor Certification-Basic Subject Tutoring

Tutor Certification-Advanced

Sales Management - Call Center Training
Sales Management - Client Acquisition 

Sales Management - Event Closes
Presenter Training - Marketing Events

Coaching - Monthly